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Take a Walking Tour in the Footsteps of a Dutch Master – 2019 is the year of Rembrandt!

A walking tour with Rembrandt? Take a walk through the where Rembrandt lived, worked and learn about this great artists life. Join us for a private, three-hour walking tour that retraces his footsteps in Amsterdam. In celebration of the great Dutch artist, Rembrandt, and the 350th anniversary of his death, your professional, a local guide will take you back in time and walk in the shoes of the master.

This three-hour walking tour starts outside Rembrandt Huis, where he lived and worked in the height of his career. As you go, you will learn about his personal successes, tragedies, career highlights, and bankruptcy. Then, stroll pass The Waag where he painted his famous ‘Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp’.  Learn about the local characters that fought to have Rembrandt capture their image on the canvas. Stop to take your photo in front of the life-size The Nightwatch, and the churches where he buried his loved ones. You will end your tour outside the Rijksmuseum on Museumplein.

A perfect experience for those who love art, history, and the stories behind the masterpieces.

If you book this three-hour walking tour it does not include entry into the Rembrandt Huis. 

Upsize your walking tour with these optional extras: 

Please note that each option listed above will add approximately 2 hours to your experience.

Not Included: 

  • Accommodation pick up and drop offs
  • Gratuities / tips (optional)

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