Bachelorette Party

An epic party for the bride-to-be

Is your best friend getting married soon? Then we’d say she deserves a great party. During this private bachelor party, we take you on a tour through Amsterdam to get pampered, to go out, to see a stripper – whatever you’d like. The day will be tailored to your every wish.

Private bachelorette tour designed for you!

Anything can happen during this bachelorette tour. We could take you to a great place to get beauty treatments, followed by a high tea or a wine tasting. Or we might go do a fun workshop, such as a cocktail or a nude male sculpture workshop – just to name a few options. We could go for a classic bachelor party: get the bride-to-be drunk before heading to a karaoke bar or a Magic Mike show. Whatever you’d like to do: your wish is our command! To get around you could choose to go on foot, of course. But if you’d like a fancier mode of transportation, we could arrange for a beautiful limousine.

Amsterdam: the best city for your bachelorette party.

Whether you’d like to roam the streets of Amsterdam during nighttime or daytime, the city is an absolutely perfect location for your bachelorette party. Not only are there many locations to get pampered, party, or to do workshops, the city is something to visit on its’ own. We’ll make sure you see our beautiful city at its’ finest, whether you’d like to get around by limousine, foot or perhaps by boat. By boat, we’re referring to a beautiful salon boat, with which we could tour the canals tour while enjoying local drinks and snacks. Whichever option you choose, the city will most certainly not disappoint.

Your bachelor party experience in Amsterdam!

During this private bachelorette tour of Amsterdam, everything will be taken care of. The only thing you have to do is relax and enjoy the activities. Depending on your precise wishes and the agreed upon schedule we will guide you through the day. If so desired we can also arrange a theme for the party.

Capture this special day

No doubt you’ll never forget this day… in general. You might not remember every single thing. Especially if there’s a (karaoke)bar or cocktail workshop involved. To make sure that you’ll remember it all, a professional photographer can join us. He’ll capture all the embarrassing, crazy and fun moments you’ll have. Can you think of a better wedding gift than an album filled with these pictures?

Our top spots for enjoying Amsterdam with your friend on your bachelorette party:

Mama Kelly

So, are you the chosen one to organize the bachelorette party?

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