"Wine and Dine in a canal house with a local foodie"

"Wine and Dine in a canal house with a local foodie"

Dutch food experience

Visit a traditional Canal house overlooking the famous Amstel river and the skinny bridge, a breath-taking and unique spot in the heart of the cityOur local host is a true Dutch foodie expert and she cannot wait to welcome you into her home to experience a home-made delicious meal.


What you can expect:


Let our local foodie teach you how to make traditional Dutch pancakes, we Dutchies love our pancakes with syrup and sugar, apple or bacon.Our local foodie loves hers with pancetta. We can also have an evening dining experience paired with local Dutch wine.Walk by the canals to tour our local foodies favourite neighbourhood shops where you will discover authentic Dutch food (and shop for ingredients for your cooking class). This walk includes the best pastry shop in town, a local cheese shop and buy fresh herring at the stall on the Prinsengracht canal and/or the Albert Cuyp open-air market.

This is a great experience for families travelling with children, couples, and solo travellers. Children will love mixing the batter and flipping pancakes! We can tailor-make your Dutch food experience, simply get in touch with us.

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