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"Join us on a food tour in Amsterdam"

A Amsterdam food tour is a great and tasty way to get know the city.
Did you know that Amsterdam has a variety of different cuisines? Due to the fact that we have over 178 nationalities in our beautiful city? This multicultural city offers a multitude of cuisines. With a variety of amazing restaurants, cafes, microbreweries and food markets and events. There is truly something for everyone’s taste. It truly is a multicultural haven! Your private customized tour can be hosted in: English, Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

The city is a gastronomical adventure. It’s cheese tasting and local craft beers in microbreweries. Another great treat is fresh ‘stroopwafels’ at the Albert Cuyp market and new restaurants and hotspots in the trendy neighborhood of De Pijp. Furthermore, sampling street food at the Ten Kate Market or the indoor Foodhallen in the cool Old West is truly the best!

Join us on a culinary experience of Amsterdam

Skip the hassle with a guided, private tasting tour. On this walk, you sample local delicacies while learning about the city’s food culture from a local guide. Experience authentic Amsterdam tastes at a family-run restaurant, beer cafe, and local markets. In addition, you will receive personalised recommendations.  undivided attention from your private tour guide. In addition, you will sample a variety of delicious food, our local guide will also provide you with plenty of information about the cities history, food culture and traditions.
A foodies delight. Come with an empty stomach! We will be exploring the local markets to sample food, visiting restaurants, bars, food courts and much more based on your favorite types of cuisine and dietary wishes! Delicious!!

Finding the best places

Finding the best places to eat in a city as big as Amsterdam can be challenging and you can find yourself in a touristy food joint easily, let is Going on a private food tour with one of our local guides will help you navigate your way to the best-hidden gems where the locals eat. Amsterdam is a diverse and culinary adventure. From cheese tasting to a variety of local craft beers in one of the many microbreweries in that the city has to offer.
Have the unique opportunity to taste the best local Dutch delicacies while you explore beautiful Amsterdam. With a friendly local by your side on a Amsterdam food tour, you can ask any burning questions and gain insights into Dutch culture along the way!



When in Amsterdam make sure to try one of the traditional savory or sweet snacks, these can be found at local street vendors. We recommend going to the Albert Kuijp Market and sampling on all these yummy treats 

  • Stroopwafel. Let’s start with one of Amsterdam’s sweetest bites– the humble stroopwafel.
  • Herring. Another famous Dutch food, and in my opinion one of the absolute must-try foods in Amsterdam is herring (haring in Dutch)
  • Poffertjes.
  • French fries.
  • Bitterballen 

Interested in knowing more about Dutch local food?  Read our post!
Request your own personalized Amsterdam food tour and get ready for an adventure into the culinary heart of Amsterdam.  From snacking on salty fries to savoring rich cheeses and sipping boozy spirits, this indulgent Amsterdam walking tour is a treat for all!

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