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Hoorn was founded in the early 8th century and soon became a centre of trade for the area, due to its excellent port and good links with other trading centers and nations. The town continued to grow and to make its way by trade and other seafaring means and must have grown quite substantially as in the mid 1300’s, the Count of Holland accepted a payment from Hoorn so that it could become a city.

In the centuries after this, ships that sailed from Hoorn traded all over the world, Bringing back new and valuable commodities such as spices, from places such as Indonesia. Not all of their trading was done on an equal footing with the locals and captains such as Jans Pitersoen Coen who founded the capital city of Indonesia, now called Jakarta, acquired a reputation for violence among the locals during his voyages at the beginning of the 1600’s.  In 1618 another Hoorn seafarer ,Willem Ysbrandtsz Bontekoe, rounded the southernmost tip of South America going through massive storms and huge seas and named it Kaap Hoorn, or Cape Horn, in honor of his city home.

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Central Station

If you are flying in to Hoorn, then you should arrive at Amsterdam Schiphol  Airport. Schiphol is one of the largest airports in Europe and you can get direct flights or connections to there from virtually anywhere in the world. The airport has it’s own train station and you can get a train direct to Hoorn from there, that usually takes about three quarters of an hour. If you are driving, you can hire a car easily at the airport and travel direct to Hoorn on the A7. if you are going to be traveling around Hoorn and Amsterdam then a car is probably not the best way to go, as there can be a lot of congestion and a lot of parking is reserved for residents and other parking can be very expensive.

If you are travelling by train there are direct trains from Amsterdam, Schiphol, Enkhuizen, Haarlem, Alkmaar and Amersfoot. There are also very good national and international train services going to Amsterdam, then you can change there for the express to Hoorn, which leaves every thirty minutes and takes about half an hour. There is a very good bus service in Hoorn. To pay for your journeys you can buy an ov- chipkaart at the station, which you can top up with credit for the bus. If you would like to call a taxi, you can ring, Taxi Caller, +31 229 299000, or, Taxi, 0229-299000

Day trip to Hoorn:

Hoorn: the capital above Amsterdam – 30 minutes drive from Amsterdam. 

Hoorn is a historic port city located on the Markermeer. During the 16th and 17th centuries Hoorn was an important home base for the Dutch East India Compagny (VOC) and the West India Company (WIC) a centre of trade. Important persons: Jan PieterZoon Coen – Willem Ijsbrant Bontekoe – and explorer Willem Corneliszoon Schouten. He named South America: Kaap Hoorn (Cape Horn) after the city Hoorn. Also the Northern Company and the Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier were located in Hoorn. Hoorn was therefore the formal capital of the area above Amsterdam.

Highlights must see:

  • Historical city centre and the harbors
    You will see some of the town’s many historic buildings like the:
  • The Statencollege (Westfries Museum) and De Oude Waegh, the public weigh house dating to 1609.
  • Also the Maintower (De Hoofdtoren) in the harbor built in 1532.

City walk: 1,5 – 2 hours

I will take you along the Highlights of the city such as: the Main Tower, the Statenlogement, the Roode Steen, De Oude Waegh, the Bossu Houses and much more. We will visit the most important historical places of Hoorn and I will tell you the stories of past and present! Depending on the available time and our walking pace, we can choose a normal walk or a big one. Considering the old streets and the cobblestone squares that we pass during this tour, I advise you to wear comfortable shoes.

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Meet the local at home – You will get acquainted with everyday Dutch customs and our peculiarities. What is typical Dutch food? What does a Dutch House look like on the inside? During this tour we will visit my house to have a coffee break and a peek inside a typical Dutch House.

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  • Private car tour
  • Visit Enkhuizen
  • Visit Tulip Farm
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