Van Gogh & Tulip Gardens

"Van Gogh and Tulip Gardens One-Day tour"

Our stunning one-day tour indulges you in both the yin and yang of Dutch symbolism

If one could summarize Holland in two categories, they would undoubtedly be “Tulips” and “Vincent Van Gogh”. So why not embark on a magical tour that invites you deep into the colorful worlds of both painter and flower alike. Our unique full-day-tour begins with an enchanting journey through the life and works of Vincent Van Gogh. Later, we travel onward to the very heart of “Tulip Mania” in Holland.

Van Gogh Museum

Beginning in the exclusive Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, we immerse you in the life and works of the 20th Century’s most recognizable artist. The museum is home to 200 paintings, over 400 drawings, and approximately 700 letters from throughout Van Gogh’s life. Spend your morning exploring the array of artistry spawned from one of the most famous painters in human history. Let our expert guide treat you to fascinating nuggets of information and lore surrounding Van Gogh’s chaotic beauty.

You will get the rare chance to see early works that he created in the South of Holland, including his first masterpiece, “The Potato Eaters”. You will also encounter transformational works that he developed in Paris and the South of France. See “The Sunflowers”, “The Bedroom”, and “Portrait with Felt Hat” up close and personal. Reflect on the works he produced while committed to the asylum. Learn about the chain of events that lead to him cutting off his own ear, and discuss the mystery that still surrounds his tragic death.

The morning will satiate you with the swishing bristles of Van Gogh. Then, in the afternoon we will  whisk you onward to the veritable home of the Tulip. Interestingly, Van Gogh himself never actually painted any tulips throughout his lifetime. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Dutch flower-growers from naming a special tulip bulb after the infamous painter. The ‘Vincent van Gogh tulip’ is reddish-brown and grows to a height of about 50-60cm.

You can witness it in full, spectacular bloom at the tulip gardens of Keukenhof – our next stop on the tour. The world-famous floral attraction is conveniently located just outside Amsterdam city. With a history dating back to the 15th Century, Keukenhof is home to more than 7 million Spring-flowering tulip bulbs. Keukenhof Tulip Gardens are spread across an immense 200 hectares.

Our private tour presents the best opportunity to marvel at all the colors bursting forth from these magnificent meadows. Lose yourself as you weave a curious path around the various flower shows (over 20 in total). Explore and examine the beautiful variety of cut flowers and pot plants exhibited by more than 500 growers.

Dutch tulips only bloom for a very short period each year, typically between mid-April and early May. Therefore, your very own private tour with us grants you unrivaled access to one of the world’s most exclusive and spectacular sights.

Contact us here at Sarah’s Tours now to book this once-in-a-lifetime Springtime experience. Our unique tour will carry you straight to the beating heart of Holland.

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