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Coffeeshop Tour

Amsterdam Coffeeshops are unique to the world.  They provide the opportunity to buy and use cannabis and it’s associated products safely .The reputation for tolerance, and liberalism, that you hear about all over the world, is something you can experience first hand with our Coffeeshop Tours.

We will explain the history of coffeeshops and how they operate. Also we will be open about the pleasures, benefits, and risks of marijuana use. Therefore you will learn about the history of the coffeeshop culture in Amsterdam, all while knowing you are in safe hands.

First time being in a coffeeshop?

Are you wanting to be safe and get good advice? Then this is a great tour for you. Learn how to roll a joint Dutch style. use a vaporiser. or how to get the best edibles. It is a safe and comfortable atmosphere with local guides who know what they are doing. 

Book a private, Introductory 3 hour Coffeeshop Tour. Which includes up to 3 coffeeshops, plus entry into the Cannabis College or Hemp Marijuana Museum.

Are you someone who is more experienced?

Do you want to go to the best places in Amsterdam? Then we can take you to visit local shops and the newer “themed’ shops. Meanwhile showing you the hidden gems and best kept secrets.

For the more experienced, we recommend the 4 hour Locals Coffeeshop Tour. On this tour you will visit shops that are not in centre. We will take you to specialist places like Katzu, Solo Coffeeshop, Paradox, and Smoke Palace. Remember we always want to make these tours especially for you. So it can be adapted to your taste. For example, do you want more lounge and club type experience? Or more old school Dutch local atmosphere? Its up to you!

To know more about our private Coffeeshop Tours you can contact us here.

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