Why Amsterdam is perfect for a romantic getaway

If the essence of Amsterdam were to be captured with one word, it would be “love”. Love for life, for expression, for beauty, and most importantly, love for each other. Amsterdam is a city brimming with romance, and couples looking to spend some quality time together are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to romantic things to do in our gorgeous capital city. We here at Sarah’s Tours have assembled a beautiful bouquet of six blossoming ideas for romantic couples in our beloved Amsterdam.

See Amsterdam at Night

Sauntering hand-in-hand with your true love is a romantic experience like no other when done in Amsterdam. At Christmas time, the city’s Festival of Lights bathes buildings and waterways in a beautiful glow of twinkling light. In February around Valentine’s Day, the cool crisp pre-Spring sun casts passionate fiery sunsets across the city’s cobblestones, as you snuggle each other for warmth

Flowers Galore!

Nothing spells romance quite like flowers. A tried and trusted classic, Amsterdam abounds with opportunities to wow your partner with colours and aromas. Why not let us take you on a romantic trip out to the breathtaking Keukenhof, where you can drink in the heavenly sights and smells, hand in hand. Or stroll through one of the many flower markets in the city centre and hand pick your dream bouquet.

Take a Private Canal Cruise

Feel the calm and tranquillity on your very own private canal boat ride, where a unique perspective of the city can be enjoyed as you both relax and unwind. Such an intimate shared experience can be made all the more romantic with a glass of bubbly and a sunset to really set the mood for your Amsterdam getaway.

Go on a Romantic Bike Ride

Couples who bike together stay together. There is no cuter sight than two star-crossed lovers enjoying a fun, playful bike ride through Amsterdam’s winding streets. Visit a windmill where you can spin your baby right round (baby right round), or simply stop for a cosy hot drink as you curl up and watch the world go by.

Browse for Books

You should never judge a book by its cover, and the same should go for your lover. Why not explore Amsterdam’s delightful selection of independent bookstores where you can select a title or two together to read to one another. A particular highlight is the city’s Oudemanhuispoort book market, down a narrow and intimate alleyway for you to squeeze together and get lost in literary heaven. The American Book Center has a great selection of English-language titles, with words to move and inspire any fledgling or long-term couple.

Keep Calm and Kick Back

The most important thing about romantic getaways is spending time together. So how about leaving the world behind and seeking romantic refuge in a beautiful, luxurious 5-star hotel. Indulge in some couples’ spa treatments, feed one another chocolates in bed, or enjoy a delicious meal in world-class restaurants overlooking the city. Our team have the very best recommendations for you, no matter what your accommodation desires or budget.

So don’t delay and let that one opportunity pass you buy. Take a leap and come discover the meaning of true love and classic romance with us here in Amsterdam.


Our Fave Dutch Fashion Brands

Dutch clothing brands are unique and diverse, and they constantly evolve, with Amsterdam the beating heart of it all. Fashion and Style are two core elements that make up your stereotypical Dutch person.

However, they are also extremely subtle and ever-present elements. Because of this, one needs to delve beneath the surface to place a finger on the pulse of the trend-setting scene across Holland. Come explore some of our fave Dutch clothing brands here at Sarah’s Tours.

Many people consider Amsterdam the “Denim Capital of the World”.

One company striving to retain that title on behalf of our beloved city is the exquisitely named Amsterdenim. Founded in 2014, Amsterdenim is a denim powerhouse known across Holland. In particular, jeans are a massively popular and practical element of Dutch style. Amsterdenim marries traditional elements with modern style, drawing inspiration from Holland’s history of seafaring and exploration.

Amsterdenim employ beautiful stylistic motifs, like the deep ocean-blue yarn that serves as seafaring-esque threading through their garments. They are proud of their maritime roots, and display this pride in their logo, which invokes the famous Dutch ship sails. Of course, before denim’s emergence, the first work trousers and dungarees were made from the very same material as ship sails.

And Amsterdenim’s pride at their roots and their company’s success is evident in their exciting and ongoing collaboration with online fashion giant Zalando. Their “I AM YOUMAN” campaign is all about their pride in Amsterdam, and in how far they’ve come as a still-deceptively-small organisation, given the massive buzz around their brand.

A lot of Dutch fashion and style sometimes seems rather unusual to the rest of the world. In Amsterdam especially, we draw our influences from a wide range of quirky sources. Amsterdam folk legends Scotch are one such source. They channel effortless and unique cool through their high-energy, eclectic and infectious folk sounds and general style. Further afield, we must also mention Swedish icon and millennial trail blazer Andreas Wijk. Wijk previously worked with Dutch giants G-Star Raw, and he constantly reinvents his cutting-edge style for the Dutch youth to marvel at and strive to emulate. As he approaches his 26th birthday next month, the singer/songwriter, model, influencer and all-round idol has a style that resonates with the Dutch youth of today.

We Dutch are fantastic travellers, and simply love welcoming new visitors to our lands. Therefore, it’s no surprise that themes of travel, adventure and earthly exploration dominate our sense of fashion and style. SUITSUIT is a pioneering, female-driven company dedicated to creating stylish yet practical travel accessories for globetrotting women. Founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Emile Vijlbrief, their goal is to blend design with functionality for female travellers to get the most from their journeys. The Dutch brand is now present in over 2,500 outlets across 29 countries.

Being present all around the world is no good if it’s not done with the characteristic Dutch cool! When people think of Holland (and Amsterdam in particular), they think of cool coffee shops, hangout spaces. Enter HutSpot, the coolest of Dutch start-ups that first began in Amsterdam as a pop-up shop back in 2012. In the beginning, it was all about comfy lounge spaces, smooth tunes and even barbershops thrown in the mix. At its core, HutSpot is a space for vibrant artists and fledgling designers to display their creations alongside more established brands. Today, it has multiple outlets across Holland, as well as global reach through its impressive online presence.

Holland benefits from a very forgiving landscape, where our flat lands inspire people to walk or cycle almost everywhere.

Keeping our feet comfortable is important. Keeping them stylish is essential. In 2009, Filling Pieces burst on to the scene with game-changing sneakers that took Europe by storm. Based in Amsterdam, their sneakers seamlessly bridge the gap between streetwear and high-end fashion. And of course, staying true to their Dutch roots, they provide free worldwide shipping on their products too.

Our worldwide theme of Dutch fashion and design concludes with two incredible companies that dominate global markets in their respective industries. Firstly, Suit Supply provides the highest quality suits at insanely competitive prices, due to their cutting out the middlemen. Founded in 2000 and with stores all over the world (3 in London, and 37 in the US alone), Suit Supply pride themselves on not quite fitting any one specific mould.

They take pride in their left-field industry disruption and have been covered extensively in both national and international publications.

Finally, what good is the wealth of stunning, progressive, and innovative Dutch fashion designs and creations unless you can drink them all in with crystal clarity? Amsterdam-founded company Ace & Tate have been creating super affordable designer frames since 2013. The eyewear “eye”-cons began online, offering well-priced frames by cutting out the middlemen (similar to Suit Supply). Today, they boast 55 stores across 11 countries (with more on the way).

So, when you come to visit our beautiful country, try to bring your fashion A-game. But don’t worry, Holland (and Amsterdam in particular) has more than enough amazing fashion brands to help you level-up while here.

The History of the Tulip

The world today is certainly awash with stunning views and spectacular scenery. However, Holland’s jaw dropping Tulip Fields deserve their rightful place on the list of most beautiful sights. The tulips of Amsterdam are a technicolour treat of vibrant, variously shaded petals bouncing on to infinity. No trip to Amsterdam is complete without venturing just outside the city to drink in this most magnificent of wonders.

Amsterdam and its surroundings are synonymous with the tulip. They originated in the Ottoman Empire (present-day Turkey) at the end of the first millennium A.D. However, Tulips first made an appearance on Dutch shores in the 16th Century. The tulip quickly became a sensation in Holland. It resulted in the infamous “Tulip Fever” that apparently gripped the entire nation in the early 17th Century. In fact, it even allegedly lead to a fabled economic crash soon after.


Nowadays, the tulip is still extremely popular. Thankfully, it no longer inspires quite the same level of financial insanity that once accompanied it. Every Spring, typically between mid-April and early May, Amsterdam’s tulips explode into full bloom. This spectacle draws crowds of admirers from all around the world. Given the brevity of their annual appearance, catching them in full bloom is a rare and exclusive honour.

Amterdam's surrounding tulip fields are famous around the world
Vibrant colours explode from Amsterdam's tulip fields

You can find incredible examples of Amsterdam’s splendid tulip fields only a short drive from the city. The extraordinary gardens of Keukenhof are located just South-East of Amsterdam. They provide an unrivaled experience for tourists looking to lay eyes on the region’s most famous flower. Keukenhof and its surrounding fields are a tulip lover’s dream come true. There are a staggering 7 million or so bulbs all set to bloom this spring. That means a total of 800 varieties of tulips bursting forth from over 32 hectares of perfectly flat and well-drained polderlands. Such an event easily provides one of the planet’s prettiest sights. Let our team here at Sarah’s Tours take you on a unique and exclusive guided tour of this modern wonder. Book your tour with us now.

As well as Keukenhof
you can see other very good examples of tulips

(and other stunning flowers) at the famous Kop van Noord-Holland peninsula, located only a short distance directly north of Amsterdam city. Here, you can witness the annual Tulip Festival which unfolds right in the middle of the tulip fields. It runs from mid-April to early May.

Just West of Amsterdam is the area of Flevoland. From here, one can embark on the famous Tulip Route, encompassing more than 100 kilometres that winds through roughly 2,500 acres of multi-coloured fields of flowers. Attracting active travellers as well as those in search of a more relaxed experience, one can travel the Tulip Route by bike, car, or on foot. The Flevoland region itself boasts over 5,000 acres of sumptuous reds, yellows and purples, making it Holland’s largest flower-growing region.

If you’re tempted to jump on the Tulip-buying bandwagon like the bulb-loving Dutch of centuries gone by, a visit to the Royal FloraHolland is worth considering. It’s the largest flower auction in the world, and well in excess of 20 million plants and flowers are sold there every day.

An iconic emblem of Amsterdam and Holland as a whole, the tulip in full bloom is a marvel to behold when you come visit us.


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The Journey of Sarah's Tours

“Hi! I’m Sarah from Amsterdam.

During my studies in the fields of communication and media, I worked in the hospitality industry and as an Amsterdam tour guide. Due to my love for my home town, I founded Sarah’s Tours.”

Connecting with people from all over the world and showing them a great time in Amsterdam is my true passion.

I grew up with a Scottish mum and Moroccan dad. A lot of people ask me how they met. Well, they fell in love in (and with) Amsterdam, so here I am! That’s what makes Amsterdam so special to me: it’s a melting pot of cultures. This has inspired me to live abroad, in London and Dublin, but I always come home to Amsterdam.

My team of expert local guides and agents would love to show you around and give you a personal tour of my amazing city and country. We will take you to unique places and show you an insider’s view of a country I’m lucky to call home.


Our luxury tour packages and travel services are 100% customised and personalised. We create them together to fit your unique tastes, interests, and
budget. Discover Amsterdam and beyond with us!

Amsterdam is a vibrant city with a multitude of sights and attractions, but it’s easy to get lost among the tourists.  We can show you all the wonderful hidden gems and give you local tips on the best places to eat, drink, and visit during your stay.

If you want to explore beyond the city, there are beautiful places to see just outside of Amsterdam: Keukenhof, one of the world’s largest flower gardens, the fishing village of Volendam, the medieval center of Delft, or anywhere you like!

We can go by bike, by car, by train, by foot or by boat. It’s entirely up to you. We also provide 5-star hotel and airport pick-up to make things as effortless as possible for you. Get in touch with us and let’s make Amsterdam a unique, exclusive and luxurious experience you’ll never forget.

Amsterdam is a mosaic of people, cultures, and activities. It’s museum hopping, admiring Rembrandt’s masterpieces at the Rijks, Sunflowers at the Van Gogh, and modern art at the Stedelijk. It’s a cycle through Vondelpark on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It’s a boat tour through the canals marveling at 17th century architecture. It’s a ferry ride to the industrial north to explore its hidden gems.

Amsterdam is a gastronomical adventure. It’s cheese tasting and local craft beers in microbreweries. It’s fresh ‘stroopwafels’ at the Albert Cuyp market, and new restaurants and hotspots in the trendy neighborhood of De Pijp. It’s sampling street food at the Ten Kate Market or the indoor Foodhallen in the cool Old West.

Amsterdam is ‘gezellig’, the word we use for convivial or cozy, a warm feeling that embodies sense of belonging. It’s a ‘vaasje’ in a brown café with a friend over a laugh and some ‘bitterballen’. It’s a shared moment, it’s togetherness. Amsterdam is my home, and I welcome you. Get in touch with one of our expert local agents now!

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Amsterdam on New Year's Eve

The countdown to the New Year continues apace. We here at Sarah’s Tours have compiled the perfect itinerary for all you wonderful winter travelers who wish to welcome in 2020 in style. Your ultimate guide to NYE in Amsterdam is right here.

Amsterdam at New Years is a truly beautiful and inspirational experience. The Dutch are famous for our friendliness, pragmatism, and sense of cooperation. So this year there will be a passionate emphasis on community spirit and celebration across Amsterdam. For NYE 2019, Amsterdam is ditching the central fireworks display. Instead, neighbourhoods and communities across the city will come together to light up the skies with multiple local fireworks extravaganzas. You’ll have an enormous choice, although Amsterdam’s Chinatown guarantees some of the best displays of the lot. The city’s night skies will explode in fabulous colours in every direction like never before as the clock strikes midnight. It promises to be a memorable sight you won’t want to miss.
While drinking in the view, you may be tempted to celebrate with a different type of drink. Settle in for the festivities with a delicious, world-famous Dutch beer or cosy hot chocolate in one of the many city squares where NYE street parties will be in full swing. Dam Square is undoubtedly the biggest, with beer tents, live music and a wonderfully festive atmosphere. Other famous spots like Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein will also be in celebration mode. All across the city, you’ll find a party atmosphere to rival anywhere on earth.

If you find yourself feeling peckish, it’s obviously because you haven’t tried some mouth-watering Oliebollen yet. Oliebollen – a donut-like traditional treat filled with sultanas, raisins and currants – are a symbol of NYE across the country, but especially in Amsterdam. People traditionally eat them to help ward off bad spirits as the new year approaches. So indulge in these delicious, deep-fried dough balls as you savour the unique atmosphere of the end-of-year celebrations in the Dutch capital. They’re readily available across the city, but prepare to join a lengthy queue as the sun sets on New Year’s Eve.

On New Year’s Day itself, all shops and all but a few select museums will close. So what better way to truly wake up to a new year and a new you than by sprinting into the icy waters of the Amstel River. On 1st January, hundreds of brave (or crazy) take part in this “New Year’s Dive” to welcome in the new year. It’s an exhilarating tradition that dates back 60 years. The event takes place at over 150 locations across the country. Naturally, Amsterdam leads the way in both the amount of people and the amount of fun to be had. This is genuine bucket list stuff so go on – we dare you to take the plunge.

Here at Sarah’s Tours, we’re delighted to wish you all a “Gelukkig nieuwjaar”. Come party with us all the way into an exciting and prosperous 2020. Let’s start those New Year’s Resolutions early by booking a tour and ringing in the New Year in serious style.



Christmas in Amsterdam

Ah Christmas in Amsterdam. Our beloved city rivals any in the world all year round. Come Christmas, however, and there really is no more magical place to be. The crisp, clear Winter air displays clouds of misty breath from adventurous, wide-eyed travelers and locals alike. Endless waves of steam rise up from delicious cups of our famous Koffee Verkeerd (our own unique take on a regular latté) coming from every street corner and coffee shop terrace. Yes indeed, Christmas in Amsterdam is an unforgettable yuletide experience like no other. Tourists from all walks of life can’t resist the city’s charms during this most wonderful time of year.

Let There Be Light
Typically teeming with things to see and do, Amsterdam transforms into a world beyond a fairy tale at Christmas. The annual Amsterdam Light Festival, for example, blankets the famous streets and canals in the warmest and most mesmerising glow. International artists draw inspiration from the city’s stunning street scenery to produce constantly evolving and awe-inspiring light sculptures. Therefore, a leisurely stroll through the city bathed in such unrivaled luminous creativity is an absolute must at this time of year.

Christmas Markets
While walking along light-covered streets and over twinkling bridges, you will find it impossible to miss one of the many enchanting Christmas markets dotted throughout the city during the festive period. Everything from world-famous Dutch arts and crafts to a warmly welcomed hot cup of Glüwein (Dutch spiced hot red wine) can be found in the various luscious labyrinths of stalls and stands. We guarantee you’ll find souvenirs to suit all, by which to remember your once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Ice Ice Baby
In Amsterdam, you can stroll around the famous Museumplein at any time of year. However, only at Christmas can you strap on your ice-skates and glide gracefully through the friendly festive crowds as Amsterdam erects several fabulous ice-rinks both here and elsewhere throughout the city. So you could be smiling and skating in front of the world-famous Rijksmuseum and Stedilijk Museum. Or perhaps skating in the centre of the Leidseplein – Amsterdam’s bustling theatre district – is more your style. What better way to soak up the atmosphere in the heart of this beautiful city at Christmas time.

What Are You Waiting For?
A wintry walk through Amsterdam is a dream come true. You can stop for a hot drink and a cookie. You can kick off your shoes and go ice-skating. Or you can just stroll along hand-in-hand and try to catch snowflakes on your tongue. Let Sarah’s Tours guide you through the festive wonderland that is Christmas in Amsterdam.


Things to do in Amsterdam Nightlife

amsterdam nightlife tourAmsterdam Nightlife 

Amsterdam is a city with a vibrant nightlife, there is truly something for everyone to do in this city! Below you can find some of our tips on how to enjoy Amsterdam nightlife. In a city of excitement, play, fun and joy, we think these ideas will hit the spot!

Amsterdam Magic Show

Take your friends, your loved ones, or yourself on our magical ride in Amsterdam nightlife and forget the world outside (for one crazy night). Watch an internationally acclaimed ensemble of magicians and illusionists from all across Europe. Each show is different and unique with different acts performing in a roaring 20’s era theatre. Step into the magical world of and have an unforgettable evening of entertainment! Book here! 

Comedy Embassy 

The world needs more laughter and this is the place to get it! A comedy club of international standards in Amsterdam. There are 20 shows a month so it doesn’t matter when you are planning on visiting.  There will be a chance to hysterically laugh and drink local beer in one of our favorite cities in the world. Join us on a AMsterdam nightlife tour!

Check out one of the traditional brown cafes

Well, it goes without saying you have to visit a local pub in the evening. Whether its summer, autumn, winter or spring, go to the local Brown Cafes in Amsterdam. Tanned interior, Turkish rugs to soak up the spills, tobacco-stained walls and Dutch snacks – have we sold you yet? There is almost one (if not more) in every neighborhood.
But check out a list of the best here.

Wine and Cheese Evening Tour

Because you have been to a comedy show, or perhaps before you hit the theatres, why not book a private wine and cheese tour with us? Your local guide will make sure you learn about and taste the best the city has to offer. Talk to us about booking one today!

Book a private customized Amsterdam Nightlife tour with us and let us guide you through the night!


What’s on in Amsterdam in February?

What’s on in Amsterdam in February?

What’s on in February in Amsterdam?  The cold February air is the perfect excuse to snuggle up to the people you love. Fairy lights, canal rides, hot chocolate. Love is in the air in Holland this month with Valentine’s Day! We have got some great places to spend with your valentine.

Check out our Top 5 Amsterdam Restaurants for a romantic dinner date. Maybe it’s on the water, in an art museum, or in a castle ?Whatever your taste, we can help you have a romantic time on your own private tour with us.

1: Take your relationship up a level

Thrill-seeking lovers can get an adrenaline rush Europe’s highest swing on the top of the A’DAM Tower. Offering stunning panoramic views of the city, there’s no denying it’s the best seat (for two) in the house. When you come back down to earth, go for a glitzy dinner post-swing dinner at MOON on the 19th floor.

2: The love boat

Surprise your love and take a private tour on your own canal boat, with wine and cheese on board. Amsterdam is simply gushing with old city charm.  A romantic Valentine’s cruise is the perfect way to see the city’s illuminated waterways while enjoying dinner and drinks. Book with us now!

3: Live the fairy tale

Indulge your inner knight or damsel this Valentine’s Day with a romantic trip to a fairy tale castle. Lying just to the East of Amsterdam in Muiden, the enchanting Amsterdam castle Muiderslot dates back to 1280 and comes complete with drawbridge, turrets, moat and landscaped gardens. Talk to us about a private tour.

4: Love is like a box of chocolates

You don’t need a valentine to go and enjoy this chocolate festival. Come along to the Chocoa Festival in Amsterdam for a festival promoting sustainable and good quality chocolate. Why not ask us where to find the best hot chocolate in the city as well? All in the attempt to stay warm in the chilly weather of course!

5: Love of Art

Join us on a Walk with Rembrandt Tour and walk in the footsteps of the Dutch master. And why not go the Rijksmuseum afterwards? There is nothing more romantic than looking at art with the one you love and sheltering from the winter weather.



What’s on in Amsterdam in January?

10-reasons-to-visit-Amsterdam-In-WinterWhat’s on in Amsterdam in January?

What’s on in Amsterdam in January? Just because its cold, it doesn’t mean you should stay indoors! Take advantage of quiet streets, very few crowds, and cosy cafes in Amsterdam. The city transforms at this time of year, and seeing it without the millions of other tourists can make you feel like you are discovering the city all on your own. From art, whisky, tulips (yes in winter!), and shopping, there is something for everyone.

1: National Tulip Day

Yes there are tulips in winter! Kicking off the start of the Dutch tulip season, head over to the temporary garden on Dam Square where you can pick your very own tulip from the 200,000 on display. Likely date is Saturday 18 Jan 2020, but this is yet to be confirmed!

2: Rembrandt-Velázquez exhibition at the Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum’s rich collection (including Rembrandt’s Night Watch) is a must-see in Amsterdam. Rembrandt-Velázquez, exhibition which puts Rembrandt into an international context by placing 17th-century Spanish and Dutch masterpieces in dialogue with each other. The exhibition is on from 11 Oct 2019 to 19 Jan 2020. Book a guided tour of the museum with us and we can include tickets to this special exhibition!

3: L&B Whisky Weekend Amsterdam

On the 19th and 20th of January come and sample Whisky from all over the world! There’s always an incredible selection of whisky available at this aptly titled winter festival in Amsterdam. Aside from Scottish and Irish variants, the festival also showcases casks from other less well-known distilleries including producers based in countries like the Netherlands or Norway.

4: Shopping!

January is the best time to grab yourself some world class fashion at huge discounts. Shops have sales of up to 70% off the usual prices, and this city has some incredible shops to choose from. What better way to see the city that exploring the boutique shops and taking advantage of the new year sales.


What’s on in Amsterdam in December?

What’s on in Amsterdam in December?


Want to know what’s on in Amsterdam in December? Well its only time to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Europe winters are magical. Between the markets, the fairy lights, ice skating, and glue wine, The Netherlands are the ideal place for a festive escape. Here we are not just looking at the top things to do in Amsterdam, the best Christmas highlights around Amsterdam. 


1: Christmas MarketsWhat's on in February in Amsterdam

You are spoilt for choice! You can go to the Amsterdamsche Kerstmarkt, in North of the city, for shopping, beer, music, and free gift wrapping! Head to Haarlem, for one of the largest Christmas markets in the whole of the Netherland. The Haarlem Christmas market is a must-see, must-do experience. Or, take a train 30 minutes out of Amsterdam and go to the Lelystad Christmas Market. 


With just a 30 minute drive from Amsterdam, visit the magical Hague for their Christmas markets. These are the only Christmas market of its kind in the Netherlands!  Or go to a large floating festival during Leiden’s winter wonder week. It is the perfect spot to get into the Christmas spirit. There are almost 100 cosy winter chalets hosting shopping, snacks and drinks. It is well worth the 45-minute drive from Amsterdam to enjoy the waterfront atmosphere while you sip on mulled wine or hot chocolate.

We HIGHLY recommend making booking a private Christmas market tour with us, and we can take you to the best places, with no stress and no fuss!

What's on in Amsterdam in December?2: EAT!

Stroopwafels may get all the international fame, but true Dutch food lovers will tell you that the best way to fill a hole in your heart and appetite is with an oliebol. This delicious Dutch treat is traditionally served on New Year’s Eve. However the oliebollenkramen (oliebollen stalls) start popping up in the lead up to Christmas. Book your food tour with us!

3: ICE Amsterdam

On 17 November the winter ice experience Ice Amsterdam will open on one of the city’s most beautiful locations: right in front of the Rijksmuseum. Ice-skate underneath a replica of the famous Magere Brug (The Skinny Bridge) and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or glue wine. Their restaurant offers all sorts of delicious hot treats to keep you warm and comfortable.

4: Light Festival on the Canals

Take a private canal cruise with us, and see the light festival from the water. It is the best way to see this stunning city. From the 29th of November, the Amsterdam Light Festival will light up the city center with 30 artworks designed by artists from all over the world. Be amazed by the beauty during a canal tour.

What's on in Amsterdam in December?5: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Be prepared to take part in impromptu street parties with throngs of people from all over the world joining in the festivities. Fireworks traditionally illuminate the night sky above the Amstel. And be prepared for the locals to be setting them off anywhere in the street! It is truly a one of a kind place to ring in the New Year!