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Private bachelor party Amsterdam: Paint the town red during this private tour 

One last night with the boys before you send your best friend of in marriage. If you book this Bachelor Tour in Amsterdam we guarantee that it will be a night to remember. 

Bachelor party tour schedule

The private Bachelor tour of Amsterdam will be customized to your exact wishes. Based on the size of your group, arrival date, the theme of the party and budget a schedule will be tailor-fit to your every need. Start the day off with a private boat tour of Amsterdam’s beautiful canals, have dinner in one of Amsterdam’s exclusive haute cuisine restaurants, visit a strip club or immediately hit one of the many pubs in the Red Light district. This private bachelor party will be the best way to send your friend off to his new life as a married man.

Amsterdam at its best

With our private bachelor tours, you will experience all that Amsterdam has to offer at its best. Whether you want to explore the more cultural side of the city with all its beautiful canals, unique architecture and famous museums, or if you just simply want to get the soon to be groom as drunk as humanly possible; your wish is our command. Some of our personal favourites to visit during the private bachelor tour: The famous Amsterdam Red light district with its many pubs, bars and strip shows, and the Leidse and/or Rembrandt Squares for Amsterdam’s club scene. 

All-inclusive tour

During this private bachelor tour of Amsterdam, everything is taken care of. The only thing you have to do is to sit back and enjoy the ride. Depending on your precise wishes and the agreed upon schedule we will guide you through the day. If so desired we can arrange a theme for the party, make an appointment at a great barber, and guide you to all of Amsterdam’s’ hotspots with an actual limousine.  

Capture all your moments

Ever seen any good photo’s taken during bachelor parties? Probably not too many. During a bachelor party, you just want to enjoy the night with the boys. However, it would just be too bad not to capture all the embarrassing moments. No worries, we’ve got you covered. Our professional photographer could tag along to capture you guys.  Soon afterwards, we’ll provide you with a digital album filled with great pictures.  

Let us take care of your party for your soon-to-be-married friend with this private, all-inclusive tour of the city. We assure you that it’ll be a legendary bachelor party! 

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