Christmas in Amsterdam

Ah Christmas in Amsterdam. Our beloved city rivals any in the world all year round. Come Christmas, however, and there really is no more magical place to be. The crisp, clear Winter air displays clouds of misty breath from adventurous, wide-eyed travelers and locals alike. Endless waves of steam rise up from delicious cups of our famous Koffee Verkeerd (our own unique take on a regular latté) coming from every street corner and coffee shop terrace. Yes indeed, Christmas in Amsterdam is an unforgettable yuletide experience like no other. Tourists from all walks of life can’t resist the city’s charms during this most wonderful time of year.

Let There Be Light
Typically teeming with things to see and do, Amsterdam transforms into a world beyond a fairy tale at Christmas. The annual Amsterdam Light Festival, for example, blankets the famous streets and canals in the warmest and most mesmerising glow. International artists draw inspiration from the city’s stunning street scenery to produce constantly evolving and awe-inspiring light sculptures. Therefore, a leisurely stroll through the city bathed in such unrivaled luminous creativity is an absolute must at this time of year.

Christmas Markets in Amsterdam

While walking along light-covered streets and over twinkling bridges, you will find it impossible to miss one of the many enchanting Christmas markets dotted throughout the city during the festive period. Everything from world-famous Dutch arts and crafts to a warmly welcomed hot cup of Glüwein (Dutch spiced hot red wine) can be found in the various luscious labyrinths of stalls and stands. We guarantee you’ll find souvenirs to suit all, by which to remember your once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Ice Ice Baby
In Amsterdam, you can stroll around the famous Museumplein at any time of year. However, only at Christmas can you strap on your ice-skates and glide gracefully through the friendly festive crowds as Amsterdam erects several fabulous ice-rinks both here and elsewhere throughout the city. So you could be smiling and skating in front of the world-famous Rijksmuseum and Stedilijk Museum. Or perhaps skating in the centre of the Leidseplein – Amsterdam’s bustling theatre district – is more your style. What better way to soak up the atmosphere in the heart of this beautiful city at Christmas time.

What Are You Waiting For?  Celebrate This Year Christmas In Amsterdam

A wintry walk through Amsterdam is a dream come true. You can stop for a hot drink and a cookie. You can kick off your shoes and go ice-skating. Or you can just stroll along hand-in-hand and try to catch snowflakes on your tongue. Let Sarah’s Tours guide you through the festive wonderland that is Christmas in Amsterdam.