F.A.Q. about Amsterdam

What is the best time of year to visit Amsterdam?

The Dutch capital is great all year round, but April to May and September to November are the best time to visit Amsterdam. Just imagine balmy weather during canal cruising, or a trip to the tulip fields of Keukenhof in spring! However winter can be magical and quiet, and a great way to avoid the summer crowds. Accommodation is often cheaper in the cooler months as well!

What do I need to wear in the city?

It of course depends on the season, but wear comfortable shoes to navigate through the small, cobbled streets. We don’t recommend high heels on those uneven streets! Light layers in Spring and Autumn are best. However winter can be very cold so come prepared for the snow and the wind! Locals are very up with the trends and you notice that they are generally dressed quite smart.

Is Amsterdam expensive ?

Accommodation in the city centre is expensive and can range from cheap hostels to 300 Euros a night. Eating in Dam Square and other tourist traps are expensive and generally not that good. We recommend staying further out of the city, and eating in local areas (De Pijp, The Jordaan, North Amsterdam). Not only will this save you money, you will get a more authentic Amsterdam experience. Coffee is always a good guide to the cost of a city! A flat-white will be around 3.6-4 euros. A main meal could be between 15-40 euros. A beer should be around 2.5-4 euros.

How many bikes are there?

There are around 1 million bikes in the city (that’s more than there are residents)! Around 12,000-18,000 get thrown in the canals every year.

What is the population of the city?

In 2019, the population of Amsterdam was only around 950000. Compared to the 19 million tourists who visited the city in 2018, it isn’t a highly populated place.

How do I use the metro and trams in Amsterdam?

The public transport in Amsterdam is excellent. Trams and metros run between every 4-6 minutes. The trams only accept credit cards (no cash). You can buy a 1 hour ticket, or a 24 hour pass.

How do I get tickets to the Anne Frank House?

Be sure to plan WELL in advance! Tickets can only be bought online to the Anne Frank House. You cannot buy them at the museum entrance or line up for tickets. No other third party sells tickets, they are only available here. 

80% of tickets are released exactly two months in advance at noon, and 20% are released on the day itself. Every day at 9:00 am, the tickets for the day are made available on this site.

Do I need to book Van Gogh Museum tickets?

need to buy Van Gogh Museum online in advance. They are attached to a time-slot so you need to choose a day and a time. Some tickets may be available at the ‘museum shop’ at Museumplein on the day itself, however to avoid disappointment, book in advance. In the summer months, tickets do sell out (June – September).

Book a guided tour with us, and we will take care of the tickets for you.

When can I see the tulips in Amsterdam?

Tulip season signals the start of spring. So you need to be here from the 21st of March – 19th of May. The Keukenhof gardens are 32 hectares of incredible tulips, you can also cycle through the tulip fields and around the countryside. It is best to see these sights with a tour which can make the most of your experience.

Get in touch if you want a day in the countryside admiring the flowers by clicking HERE!

Is the Red Light District safe?

Amsterdam is the 6th safest city in the world. Of course on the weekends and late at night, it can get very busy with nightlife. Do be mindful of pickpockets, and never take photos of the girls in the windows. Why not take a tour with us to learn the history of the place!

Where are the best place to go shopping?

The shopping in Amsterdam is fantastic. For small, boutique shops, visit the Nine Streets. If you are looking for Antiques and Collectables you can visit the Waterlooplein Markets, and Spiegelgracht. See where the locals shop check in De Pijp and at the Albert Cuyp Markets.


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