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Amsterdam Jewish History Tour

Anne Frank And Jewish History Tour

“The sun is shining, the sky is deep blue, there’s a magnificent breeze and I’m longing — really longing — for everything: conversation, freedom, friends, being alone.”

Anne Frank, February 12th, 1944

Discover the history of Anne Frank and the Jewish Amsterdammers

See the famous old Synagogue, monuments to remember the war, the old Jewish theatre and several other iconic buildings along some of Amsterdam’s 17th-century canals. Discover the Jewish history in Amsterdam as you visit important landmarks in the city on this walking tour. This tour will show and explain the history of the large Jewish population in Amsterdam and the footprints they have made in the city.

Your morning or afternoon in Amsterdam will start at the statue of the dockworker at the foot of the Portuguese synagogue. Set off at a relaxing pace to make sure you really get to see, feel and learn all about the Jewish history and population from Amsterdam. The first Jewish inhabitants arrived in Amsterdam in the 16th century. From the start, they established themselves in the area around the Jodenbreestraat. In the course of World War II, this area was made into a ghetto by the Germans.

After the war, this once vibrant and lively area had turned into a sad, abandoned, and neglected area. Your guide will take you back to the times of the rise of the Jewish people in Amsterdam and the terrible period of 1940-1945.


  • Learn about the history of Jewish people in Amsterdam
  • Visit many monumental buildings as you walk around Amsterdam
  • Visit the Dutch theatre

Join us on a private historical tour of Amsterdam’s Jewish history

This walking tour takes roughly 2,5 hours and ends at the Anne Frank house. You should schedule roughly one hour to visit the house and museum by yourself. We could start with a coffee in the cafe of the Jewish Historical Museum to get acquainted with each other. After coffee, we tell the story of Jewish life by visiting iconic sights in the former Jewish quarter. Furthermore, we can visit the old Synagogue, WWII memorials, an old theater, and several other buildings on some of Amsterdam’s 17th-century canals.

After about 2 hours we take a 15-minute tram to the western part of Amsterdam to see the Westerchurch, see the statue of Anne Fran. We end the trip at the Anne Frank house. We can arrange entry for the Anne Frank museum so you can skip the lines. You will have the opportunity to visit the museum by yourself at your own pace.

Book a private Jewish history tour

Our local guides that have expertise in Jewish history would love to take you on a private tour! Get in touch with us. 

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