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A private tour around Keukenhof:
A unique and wonderful day in the beautiful flower gardens 

Let us take you on a private tour around Keukenhof in springtime 2020! During this tour, you will not only have a chance to admire one of the world’s greatest flower gardens but also to enjoy spectacular exhibitions and events. And it’ll only take 35 minutes for us to drive you there from Amsterdam.


From Amsterdam to Keukenhof: the private tour schedule

To start the private tour you will be picked up with one of our tour cars in the centre of Amsterdam, from where we will embark on our floral adventure. With over 32 hectares of land and 800 varieties of tulips in bloom, you will quickly see why Keukenhof is considered the Garden of Europe. If the jaw-dropping views weren’t enough, we will also guide you through the flower shows, events and art expositions that are held at Keukenhof. On the way home, we will stop at a local tulip farm, where you’ll be able to buy tulip bulbs yourself. Surprise your loved ones with this original souvenir or turn your own garden into a miniature Keukenhof!

A great tour for the whole family

If you’re bringing your child(ren) on the private tour, we assure you that they will have a great time as well! Keukenhof offers plenty of activities for kids to participate in. They can explore the fields on an actual treasure hunt or get lost in a maze. Also, the littlest ones are cared for with a petting farm and a great playground.


History of Keukenhof

Keukenhof’s history dates back to the 15thcentury. It was then called the Keukenduin (kitchen dunes) due to its rich variation in flora and fauna. In 1641, the estate was bought by an East India Trading Company commander. He had the Keukenhof Castle built on the estate that same year. In 1857, the gardens were redesigned by the same landscape architects who designed the Amsterdam Vondelpark. This style became the basis for the current Keukenhof. It wasn’t until 1950 that Keukenhof was transformed into a park, exhibiting spring-flowering bulbs. The park was an instant success and has turned into a world-famous attraction over the years.

Are you in Amsterdam sometime between March 21 and May 19, 2020?  

Book a private tour with us, and discover the amazing spring garden that is Keukenhof!

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