Dutch Clothing Brands

Dutch clothing brands are unique and diverse, and they constantly evolve, with Amsterdam the beating heart of it all. Fashion and Style are two core elements that make up your stereotypical Dutch person.

However, they are also extremely subtle and ever-present elements. Because of this, one needs to delve beneath the surface to place a finger on the pulse of the trend-setting scene across Holland. Come explore some of our fave Dutch clothing brands here at Sarah’s Tours.

Many people consider Amsterdam the “Denim Capital of the World”.

One company striving to retain that title on behalf of our beloved city is the exquisitely named Amsterdenim. Founded in 2014, Amsterdenim is a denim powerhouse known across Holland. In particular, jeans are a massively popular and practical element of Dutch style. Amsterdenim marries traditional elements with modern style, drawing inspiration from Holland’s history of seafaring and exploration.

Our Luxury Dutch Clothing Brands from Top Designers

Amsterdenim employ beautiful stylistic motifs, like the deep ocean-blue yarn that serves as seafaring-esque threading through their garments. They are proud of their maritime roots, and display this pride in their logo, which invokes the famous Dutch ship sails. Of course, before denim’s emergence, the first work trousers and dungarees were made from the very same material as ship sails.

And Amsterdenim’s pride at their roots and their company’s success is evident in their exciting and ongoing collaboration with online fashion giant Zalando. Their “I AM YOUMAN” campaign is all about their pride in Amsterdam, and in how far they’ve come as a still-deceptively-small organisation, given the massive buzz around their brand.

Dutch Fashion Industry in Amsterdam

A lot of Dutch fashion and style sometimes seems rather unusual to the rest of the world. In Amsterdam especially, we draw our influences from a wide range of quirky sources. Amsterdam folk legends Scotch are one such source. They channel effortless and unique cool through their high-energy, eclectic and infectious folk sounds and general style. Further afield, we must also mention Swedish icon and millennial trail blazer Andreas Wijk. Wijk previously worked with Dutch giants G-Star Raw, and he constantly reinvents his cutting-edge style for the Dutch youth to marvel at and strive to emulate. As he approaches his 26th birthday next month, the singer/songwriter, model, influencer and all-round idol has a style that resonates with the Dutch youth of today.

We Dutch are fantastic travellers, and simply love welcoming new visitors to our lands. Therefore, it’s no surprise that themes of travel, adventure and earthly exploration dominate our sense of fashion and style. SUITSUIT is a pioneering, female-driven company dedicated to creating stylish yet practical travel accessories for globetrotting women. Founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Emile Vijlbrief, their goal is to blend design with functionality for female travellers to get the most from their journeys. The Dutch brand is now present in over 2,500 outlets across 29 countries.

Being present all around the world is no good if it’s not done with the characteristic Dutch cool! When people think of Holland (and Amsterdam in particular), they think of cool coffee shops, hangout spaces. Enter HutSpot, the coolest of Dutch start-ups that first began in Amsterdam as a pop-up shop back in 2012. In the beginning, it was all about comfy lounge spaces, smooth tunes and even barbershops thrown in the mix. At its core, HutSpot is a space for vibrant artists and fledgling designers to display their creations alongside more established brands. Today, it has multiple outlets across Holland, as well as global reach through its impressive online presence.

Holland benefits from a very forgiving landscape, where our flat lands inspire people to walk or cycle almost everywhere.

Keeping our feet comfortable is important. Keeping them stylish is essential. In 2009, Filling Pieces burst on to the scene with game-changing sneakers that took Europe by storm. Based in Amsterdam, their sneakers seamlessly bridge the gap between streetwear and high-end fashion. And of course, staying true to their Dutch roots, they provide free worldwide shipping on their products too.

Our worldwide theme of Dutch fashion and design concludes with two incredible companies that dominate global markets in their respective industries. Firstly, Suit Supply provides the highest quality suits at insanely competitive prices, due to their cutting out the middlemen. Founded in 2000 and with stores all over the world (3 in London, and 37 in the US alone), Suit Supply pride themselves on not quite fitting any one specific mould.

They take pride in their left-field industry disruption and have been covered extensively in both national and international publications.

Finally, what good is the wealth of stunning, progressive, and innovative Dutch fashion designs and creations unless you can drink them all in with crystal clarity? Amsterdam-founded company Ace & Tate have been creating super affordable designer frames since 2013. The eyewear “eye”-cons began online, offering well-priced frames by cutting out the middlemen (similar to Suit Supply). Today, they boast 55 stores across 11 countries (with more on the way).

So, when you come to visit our beautiful country, try to bring your fashion A-game. But don’t worry, Holland (and Amsterdam in particular) has more than enough amazing fashion brands to help you level-up while here.