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Our guides are all local people with their own unique expertise, passion and insights of Amsterdam and the Netherlands!

We speak: Dutch, English, Italian, Portuguese, French, Russian, Spanish, Greek and German


Sarah – Our Local Owner and Entrepreneur

Nice to meet you, I’m Sarah, the founder, and owner of Sarah’s Tours. I love connecting people to Amsterdam, my home and favorite city in the world. It is my pleasure to make sure you have everything you need for your stay here. I believe my background in hospitality, graduating in cultural communications and my passion for people, combine to make this my dream come true. I cannot wait to hear from you and make your trip something you will never forget!



Aglaya – Our Local  Anthropologist

Welcome to Holland! I’m Aglaya and I cannot wait to be your local guide. I am fascinated by anthropology, culture, and history. I believe my background, and interests allow me to share a unique perspective with you and help you experience Amsterdam through a new lens.



Selina – Our Local Art Historian

Kia Ora, I’m Selina and I can’t wait to be your guide. My areas of interests are art history and history. I cannot wait to show you through the world-class galleries here in Amsterdam and show you the stories behind the paintings. My background in Museum and Community Education have shown me the powerful connections we can make with art, and I hope to have the chance to share these experiences with you in Amsterdam.


Giovanna – Our Local Linguist

It’s so nice to meet you, I am Giovanna, and I’ll be your local guide. My passions are languages, storytelling, and history, so I am honored to share with you the places I call home. With fifteen years living in the Netherlands, I hope to be able to open your eyes to new cities, sites, and cultures.


Violeta – Our Local Architect

Hola! I am your local guide Violeta, and I cannot wait to take you around this amazing city. I love history, cycling, and languages, and if you came with me on one of my tours, I will make sure you have a wonderful time. I am sure we will share many of our passions for this stunning place!


Paola – Our Local Art Historian

Hi, I’m Paola, and it’s wonderful to meet you. I’m your local guide who can share my passion for art history with a visit to the world-class museums in Amsterdam. I love to share the details behind the paintings and sculptures, and stories of the artists who we all know and love. I cannot wait to have you on one of my tours. Welcome to Amsterdam!


Isabella – Our Local Amsterdammer

Hi, it is great to meet you, and I cannot wait to be your guide. My passion, as an experienced local guide, is to show you the hidden gems of this city. I love to write about the city as well in my blog, and I cannot wait to share the history, stories, and hot-tips for your stay in the city.


Bo – Our Local Amsterdammer

Hi! I love to meet people from all over the world, and showing you around my hometown is the best job in the world. Come with me on foot, or by bike, or even by boat. Whether you love art, history, food, or photography, I cannot wait to be your guide. I have lived in and loved this city since I was born, and with over 20 years of guiding experience, I guarantee you will have an amazing time.


Alette – Our Hoorn Local

Hello, I’m Alette, your local city guide in Hoorn. I live in the center of Hoorn, together with my husband and our son. I really enjoy showing people the most beautiful places in the city, and telling the stories Hoorn has to offer. I cannot wait to show you what this country has to offer outside of Amsterdam!



Marjoke – Our Local Historian

Hi, I’m Marjoke! I like to scavenger hunt the city for new stories. If you have seen the highlights and are looking for something different, I can also do this with you! Let’s go on an expedition! As a historian, I can show you the city in all its splendor, or take you on a journey to one of our museums. It’s your choice. Welcome!


Eve – Our Local Writer and Educator

Hello i’m Eve, a fellow traveller just like you!  Welcome, and let us explore Amsterdam together! I am an art historian, museum educator and writer. I love everything that has to do with art and culture.. Let us discover hidden stories in local neighbourhoods and weave narratives on the go. Families with children: hands up!


ilaria-guideIlaria – Our Local Urban Expert

Hi, I’m Ilaria and I’ll be your local guide in the Netherlands! Italian native, residing in Amsterdam after living in the UK and Australia and backpacking around South East Asia, making connections with cultures from all over the world is something I’m passionate about! I will take you around the fascinating city of Amsterdam making sure you have a great time. If you like, I can even take you outside the city and explore the other incredible parts of the country. I will show you the must see attractions but always with a personal touch, because I want your trip to be memorable and fun. Let me connect you to Amsterdam!



Laura – Our Local Explorer

Hello, and welcome to Amsterdam, I’m your local guide Laura. Amsterdam has been my home for 20 years, and I cannot wait to share this amazing city with you.  I like history, geography and sociology. I adore good company, wine, and music, so if you also love to explore this way of life, come on a tour with me! I’ll make sure you leave this city inspired, indulged, and refreshed because all my tours are made just for you. 


Irina – Our Local Art Historian

Hi, I’m Irina. I am a Russian-French art historian, literature scholar, and museum guide. Born in Moscow, I have lived and worked in Paris for over a decade. Eventually I ended up in Amsterdam, and I greatly enjoy its beautiful museums. My passion as a guide is to turn art into a compelling story where creation, history, and human passions are intertwined.


Chris – Our Local Photographer

Hi, I’m Chris, welcome to Amsterdam! I can’t wait to be your local guide here in Amsterdam. My passion for photography, travel, and history are what drive me, and I am excited to share my passions with you. If you are keen to explore the city your own way and capture unique images that no one else will have, then come and explore the city with me!


Victor – Our Local Photojournalist

Hi, I’m Victor, and it’s so wonderful to welcome you to Amsterdam! I’m a local guide, who uses my passion and experience in photojournalism, and my love of travel, to help give you a unique perspective of Amsterdam. I’m looking forward to helping you capture your own memories of a lifetime.



Max – Our Local Cyclist and Socialiser

Hi, I’m Max and I cannot wait to show you around my hometown. I love nothing more than cycling next to the canals, sharing stories about the city, and learning about your stories. As your local guide, I’m excited to make your day fun, adventurous, and something you’ll never forget.


Sebastian – Our Local Photographer

Welcome to my home-town! I am a passionate photographer, and I cannot wait to have you on one of my tours, whether it be on foot or by bike, I want to show you the best of Amsterdam. Let me be your local guide, and we will capture some amazing memories together.


Peter – Our Local Historian

Welcome, I’m Peter, born and raised Amsterdammer, and I can’t wait to be your guide. I love the history of Amsterdam and am passionate about sharing the stories of WWII, and the Jewish History of the city. I’m sure you’ll be in love with Amsterdam as much as I am by the time we say goodbye!


Nanno – Our Local Urban Planner

Hi there, nice to meet you! I’m Nanno, and I’ll be your local guide here in Amsterdam. I can’t wait to share the culture, architecture, parks, and people with you. As an urban planner, I am fascinated by the historical context of the city, and I am looking forward to meeting you on one of our tours of this incredible city.


John – Our Local Historian

Hi, nice to meet you, I’m John. I can’t wait to be your local guide and share my enthusiasm and passion for the city. I am passionate about history, the Golden Age, culture, and trade. Come and let me show you the incredible stories of this historic, merchant city!  


Pauly – Our Local Performer

Hi, I’m Paul, it’s awesome to meet you. I’ll be your local guide here in Amsterdam. My areas of interests are history, politics, theatre, and stand-up. So you can guarantee you will have an amazing time on a tour with me! I cannot wait to share the history of this incredible place with you.


Stan – Our Local Storyteller and Social Entrepreneur

Hi, I’m Stan. Come with me to see Amsterdam as if you were a local! I will surprise you with places you would never have seen, and tell you the hidden stories of this city. Whether it be street art, history, cylign, a tour with me is never the same! I’ll listen to your needs and mix  the experiences and stories that suit your passions.


Alex – Our local Teacher and Historian

Hello! Welcome to Amsterdam. As a musician, historian, and teacher, i love to combine my passions and show you around this incredible city. This work has been my passion for over five years, and I cannot wait to share the stories of this place with you!


Angelo – Our Local Adventurer

Hi! My name’s Angelo and I’m looking forward to take you on an amazing adventure through the wonders of Amsterdam and Holland. I built my experience guiding in Rome, where I lived for many years, studying the history of art and archaeology. Life brought me to The Netherlands, where I’ve got passionate about the history and the culture of this amazing country. I love to share interesting facts about the museums. See you soon and welcome to Holland!


01 - IMG_1447.jpg

Alberto – Our Local Art Historian

Hi everyone! I’m Alberto, your guide in this amazing city. I’m in love with art, history, and culture. I love to help people have the best time possible in the place I call home, from the hidden treasures, to the cultural scene in the city. If you are excited to discover Dutch art and history, don’t waste anymore time, and come with me to discover Amsterdam!


Ravil – Our Local Multilinguist

Hello, let me introduce myself: my name is Ravil. I am an experienced and multilingual guide from Amsterdam and have been guiding tourists in the Netherlands and especially in Amsterdam for more than fifteen years. I very much enjoy my work, and willing to share my knowledge of the city in which I live and work. On my tour, there is never a dull moment and always lots of entertainment.



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