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Rijksmuseum Tour

The Dutch Golden Age

Join your guide, a professional art historian, for an in-depth look at the incredible collection of the Rijksmuseum. Your tour will focus on the collection from the 17th century, the Golden Age of Amsterdam. This century saw the development of an art market that Europe had never seen before. The climate of this innovative city provided the perfect environment for some of the biggest artists the world has ever seen.

What will you see?

Experience the incredible illusionism of Rembrandt’s portraits, the serenity of Vermeer’s interiors, and the beauty of Dutch floral still life. All these works reveal the political, religious, and social ideals that helped create our modern ideas of tolerance and liberalism. See the doll’s-houses that would be the envy of any child, but were strictly for upper-class woman. Be awed by the bespoke library, with the largest collection of books dedicated to art history in the Netherlands. Other highlights include Rembrandt’s ‘The Nightwatch’ and Delftware owned by a Dutch Queen.

Your guide will meet you at the designated meeting point, with your tickets. While this two-hour tour will not cover the entire collection, your ticket allows you to explore the museum at your own pace for the entire day.

Don’t feel like you need to know anything about art before you join this tour! Your guide will ensure that you discover works that connect with you personally and encourage you to see things through your own unique perspective. This tour will provide you with content, tools, and ideas that will change your perspective of Amsterdam as you stroll through the canals, take in the architecture, and marvel at the liberal nature of the Dutch locals!


  • 2-hour tour with a professional guide
  • Highlights of the collection (note some works may be removed due to conservation. touring exhibitions)

Does not include:

  • Transport for pick up or drop offs
  • Food and beverages
  • Gratuities / tips (optional)
  • Entry into special exhibitions

Extra information:

No large bags, suitcases, or umbrellas are allowed inside the museum, only handbags or small thin bag-packs are allowed inside.

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