Skip-the-line Private Rijksmuseum, Rembrandt House and City Tour


Joins us on a private tour of the Rijksmuseum and Rembrandt house and learn all about the Golden Age master. Do you ever find yourself stressing over a dream bucket-list trip where there is literally so much to do and simply not enough time? Do you agonise over what to include and what, heartbreakingly, you must omit from your jampacked itinerary? Well thankfully, our wonderful team at Sarah’s Tours is here to rescue you from your travel anguish and put you on an express path to excitement and exclusivity!


The Ultimate Amsterdam Experience

Sarah and her amazing team have worked tirelessly to present to you the ultimate Amsterdam day, lived and loved like a true local. Experience our incredible city with all the perks of a native Amsterdammer and experience travel authenticity like never before.


Skip-the-line Rijksmuseum

We begin in the morning, where your own private, expert guide will greet you outside your accommodation with a warm smile and a solid plan. First, they will whisk you away to the world-famous Rijksmuseum; one of the city’s most popular attractions. But worry not, as your exclusive 5-star day out allows you to skip the long, snaking queues and waltz straight into the breath-taking entrance foyer of the museum. Once inside, you shall immerse yourself in a wonderful world of 17th century magic and majesty. Celebrated across the globe as the renowned “Golden Age of Amsterdam”, your private, expert local guide will reveal to you an awe-inspiring succession of incredible collections. Drink in the unmatched beauty of Dutch floral still-life and submerge yourself in the serenity of Vermeer’s stunning interiors. Of course, no trip to the Rijksmuseum would be complete without lying eyes on one of the most famous paintings in history – Rembrandt’s “The Nightwatch”.


Rembrandt House Museum

Once you have gorged on the grandiose artistry inside the Rijksmuseum on your private tour, it is onward you go with your private guide to visit the immaculately preserved former home of Rembrandt himself. Nowadays serving as one of the most visited and best-loved museums in all of Amsterdam, you will explore this marvellously maintained building which served as both a home and a creative space for Rembrandt for almost 20 years. The Rembrandt House Museum tells the story of the multi-faceted Rembrandt, where not only did he flourish as a talented painter, etcher and draughtsman, but also as a coveted teacher, eccentric collector, enthusiastic entrepreneur, and above all the quintessential Amsterdammer (just like you will be during this wonderous day out).


Amsterdam Like a True Local

Finally, after enjoying the mid-morning light pouring spectacularly through the windows of Amsterdam’s two most famous and beloved museums, it’s time to hit the streets with your private, expert local guide as you explore all the wonders, sights and treats that Amsterdam has to offer. Part of being a genuine local is knowing all the cool spots and hidden gems nestled invitingly throughout the city. Your guide will show you the most amazing sights as you wind your way through Amsterdam’s atmospheric streets. And of course, as is our proud tradition here at Sarah’s Tours, your luxury travel is 100% customisable to suit your every wish and desire. Is there anywhere in particular you’d like to visit during your city stroll? Contact our 5-star team today and let’s get planning together. Remember, here at Sarah’s Tours it’s Your Stay, Your Way!

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