Here at Sarah’s Tours we not only customise your Amsterdam experience escpecially for you, we have a range of additional services.

We truly want to make your time here as enjoyable and easy as possible. We can book tickets on your behalf to the world famous museums like the Rijksmuseum, and Van Gogh Museum. If art isn’t your thing, we can suggest and arrange the best places to eat, drink, and stay in the city.
Maybe you want to go off the beaten track and explore beautiful cities like Haarlem, the Hague, and Delft. Or for the nature lovers, we can arrange guided tours to the windmills, dykes, and polders. Amsterdam is an amazing base for us to show you the hidden gems of this country.

Make all your transfers a breeze with our pick up and drop of services, or have a chauffeur for your entire stay so you can explore outside the city centre and further afield.
If you aren’t just here for a holiday, but have a special event in mind, we can help with this too. Maybe its an engagement, your honeymoon, or a family reunion? Let us take care of your itinierary and everything you need to make this an experience you and your loved ones will never forget.

We provide you with great recommendations, passionate local guides, and expertise to suit every want and desire. Amsterdam is a city where freedom is visable on every street corner, and by planning with us, we can give you the best that this incredible place has to offer.

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  1. Accomodation
  2. Airport and hotel pickup
  3. City Conciërge
  4. Chauffeur
  5. Event planning
  6. Expat relocation service
  7. Nanny services
  8. Personal shopping service
  9. Planning your stay
  10. Tickets and reservations