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Amsterdam Street art tour

Discover Amsterdam’s ecletic street art on a tour! Amsterdam is well know for its rich eclectic selection of art. From the amazing Golden Age that is world renowened. But did you know that Amsterdam has a lot of amazing street art, wander with us! Discover Amsterdam’s street art scene with our local guides they will show you these every changing art works on a private tour.

Street art in Amsterdam 

Did you know that Amsterdam has lots of amazing street art all over the city? We even have an area that is completely devoted to street art and a Street art Musuem. If you’re lucky you could even see a street artist in action during your customised and private tour of Amsterdam’s finest street art. Get a one-on-one tour with our street art expert that will show you around at the time of your choosing.

The street art scene in the Netherlands is alive and bigger than ever. Over the last years, the art form has grown fast, resulting in a flourishing and varied scene. Festivals such as Step in the Arena (2010-), Kings of Colors (2013-) and Kings Spray (2015-) are well-visited events that show (inter)national top artists each year. In addition, the world’s biggest street art museum is coming to Amsterdam and will open its doors in 2019. This strong growth has not remained unnoticed: more and more local governments give street art a place in public space and offer artists prominent walls in their cities. Since 2016, Holland best street art is rewarded during the annual Dutch Street Art Awards, stimulating the scene to grow to an even higher level.

What can you expect on a Amsterdam Street Art tour?

Our experienced local street art expert and photographer will join you on this bespoke tour. Learn all the ins and outs of our street art culture. In addtion you can learn how to make the best shots on your smart phone! 

Join us on a private tour of Amsterdam. Discover all the best street art spots with our expert and photographer. Get in touch for a one of a kind experience!

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