The History Of The Tulip in Amsterdam

The world today is certainly awash with stunning views and spectacular scenery. However, Holland’s jaw dropping Tulip Fields deserve their rightful place on the list of most beautiful sights. The tulips of Amsterdam are a technicolour treat of vibrant, variously shaded petals bouncing on to infinity. No trip to Amsterdam is complete without venturing just outside the city to drink in this most magnificent of wonders.

Amsterdam and its surroundings are synonymous with the tulip. They originated in the Ottoman Empire (present-day Turkey) at the end of the first millennium A.D. However, Tulips first made an appearance on Dutch shores in the 16th Century. The tulip quickly became a sensation in Holland. It resulted in the infamous “Tulip Fever” that apparently gripped the entire nation in the early 17th Century. In fact, it even allegedly lead to a fabled economic crash soon after.


Nowadays, the tulip is still extremely popular. Thankfully, it no longer inspires quite the same level of financial insanity that once accompanied it. Every Spring, typically between mid-April and early May, Amsterdam’s tulips explode into full bloom. This spectacle draws crowds of admirers from all around the world. Given the brevity of their annual appearance, catching them in full bloom is a rare and exclusive honour.

Dutch Tulip Fields Tour
Amterdam's surrounding tulip fields are famous around the world
Vibrant colours explode from Amsterdam's tulip fields

You can find incredible examples of Amsterdam’s splendid tulip fields only a short drive from the city. The extraordinary gardens of Keukenhof are located just South-East of Amsterdam. They provide an unrivaled experience for tourists looking to lay eyes on the region’s most famous flower. Keukenhof and its surrounding fields are a tulip lover’s dream come true. There are a staggering 7 million or so bulbs all set to bloom this spring. That means a total of 800 varieties of tulips bursting forth from over 32 hectares of perfectly flat and well-drained polderlands. Such an event easily provides one of the planet’s prettiest sights. Let our team here at Sarah’s Tours take you on a unique and exclusive guided tour of this modern wonder. Book your tour with us now.

As well as Keukenhofyou can see other very good examples of tulips

(and other stunning flowers) at the famous Kop van Noord-Holland peninsula, located only a short distance directly north of Amsterdam city. Here, you can witness the annual Tulip Festival which unfolds right in the middle of the tulip fields. It runs from mid-April to early May.

Just West of Amsterdam is the area of Flevoland. From here, one can embark on the famous Tulip Route, encompassing more than 100 kilometres that winds through roughly 2,500 acres of multi-coloured fields of flowers. Attracting active travellers as well as those in search of a more relaxed experience, one can travel the Tulip Route by bike, car, or on foot. The Flevoland region itself boasts over 5,000 acres of sumptuous reds, yellows and purples, making it Holland’s largest flower-growing region.

If you’re tempted to jump on the Tulip-buying bandwagon like the bulb-loving Dutch of centuries gone by, a visit to the Royal FloraHolland is worth considering. It’s the largest flower auction in the world, and well in excess of 20 million plants and flowers are sold there every day.

An iconic emblem of Amsterdam and Holland as a whole, the tulip in full bloom is a marvel to behold when you come visit us.


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