Visit Amsterdam In May 

What’s on in Amsterdam in May? May is an incredible month to visit the city. There are important national holidays to commemorate WW2, as well as festivals and markets to celebrate spring. These are some of the highlights that we can help you explore with a private tour.

1: LAST CHANCE to see the Tulips!

Plan a day trip to the Keukenhof Holland, and experience the beauty of this iconic Dutch flower. Over 7 million spring bulbs bloom in this stunning garden that is over 32 hectres. Learn about Tulip Mania that took over the country in the 17thcentury, and see why this delicate flower still draws hundres of thousands of people today.

The Keukenhof closes on May 19th! You can book a private tour with us just click here!

2: Remembrance Day

May 4 is Dutch National Remembrance Day (Nationale Dodenherdenking). On this day, the Netherlands commemorates the fallen soldiers of World War II and those that died in other military conflicts and peacekeeping operations. At 8 pm, a nationwide 2 minute silence is held. In Amsterdam, Dutch King Willem Alexander heads the official memorial ceremony at the National Monument on Dam square.

3: Liberation Day

On 5 May, all of the Netherlands will pause to commemorate the country’s liberation. The German army surrendered on this day in 1945, bringing the Second World War to an end for the Netherlands. Since then, the Netherlands has strived to be the capital of freedom, independence and tolerance. To celebrate, festivals and concerts are held throughout the city for free.

Liberation Day will conclude with one of the biggest events of the day, the Amstel Concert. The concert will be attended by the King and Queen, as well as all volunteers for the 4 and 5 May festivities.

4: Stories of the Jewish community during WWII

On both Remembrance Day and Liberation Day, there will be small-sized commemoration gatherings in the living rooms, attics or cafés of former Jewish residents and resistance fighters. Speakers will tell their stories about life before, during and after the war, persecution, resistance and liberation. These stories will be accompanied by films, music, poems, photos and personal diary fragments. Information about the programme can be found here

A powerful way to learn more about this history is to book a tour with us through the Jewish Cultural Quarter, and learn about how the Jewish community were persecuted during occupation.

5:Museum Markets (food, food, and MORE fo0d)

Why not explore the tasty local treats on May 19. Go to Museumplein to explore the markets full of food, and goods designed by Dutch artists. There is craft, jewellery and clothing, antique stores, and food from all over the world. It is a great free experience for the whole family. Book one of our cheese and wine tasting, or food tours, and we can include this market in your experience!

If you want to know what else Amsterdam has to offer you in May then get in touch! We can make sure you see and explore what you want in your own private tour, tailor made just for you.