Special Occasion in Amsterdam

If the essence of Amsterdam were to be captured with one word, it would be “love”. Love for life, for expression, for beauty, and most importantly, love for each other. Amsterdam is a city brimming with romance, and couples looking to spend some quality time together are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to romantic things to do in our gorgeous capital city. We here at Sarah’s Tours have assembled a beautiful bouquet of six blossoming ideas for romantic couples in our beloved Amsterdam.

See Amsterdam at Night

Sauntering hand-in-hand with your true love is a romantic experience like no other when done in Amsterdam. At Christmas time, the city’s Festival of Lights bathes buildings and waterways in a beautiful glow of twinkling light. In February around Valentine’s Day, the cool crisp pre-Spring sun casts passionate fiery sunsets across the city’s cobblestones, as you snuggle each other for warmth

Amsterdam Photography Framed by Emily

Flowers Galore!

Nothing spells romance quite like flowers. A tried and trusted classic, Amsterdam abounds with opportunities to wow your partner with colours and aromas. Why not let us take you on a romantic trip out to the breathtaking Keukenhof, where you can drink in the heavenly sights and smells, hand in hand. Or stroll through one of the many flower markets in the city centre and hand pick your dream bouquet.

Take a Private Canal Cruise

Feel the calm and tranquillity on your very own private canal boat ride, where a unique perspective of the city can be enjoyed as you both relax and unwind. Such an intimate shared experience can be made all the more romantic with a glass of bubbly and a sunset to really set the mood for your Amsterdam getaway.

Go on a Romantic Bike Ride

Couples who bike together stay together. There is no cuter sight than two star-crossed lovers enjoying a fun, playful bike ride through Amsterdam’s winding streets. Visit a windmill where you can spin your baby right round (baby right round), or simply stop for a cosy hot drink as you curl up and watch the world go by.

Browse for Books

You should never judge a book by its cover, and the same should go for your lover. Why not explore Amsterdam’s delightful selection of independent bookstores where you can select a title or two together to read to one another. A particular highlight is the city’s Oudemanhuispoort book market, down a narrow and intimate alleyway for you to squeeze together and get lost in literary heaven. The American Book Center has a great selection of English-language titles, with words to move and inspire any fledgling or long-term couple.

Keep Calm and Kick Back

The most important thing about romantic getaways is spending time together. So how about leaving the world behind and seeking romantic refuge in a beautiful, luxurious 5-star hotel. Indulge in some couples’ spa treatments, feed one another chocolates in bed, or enjoy a delicious meal in world-class restaurants overlooking the city. Our team have the very best recommendations for you, no matter what your accommodation desires or budget.

So don’t delay and let that one opportunity pass you buy. Take a leap and come discover the meaning of true love and classic romance with us here in Amsterdam.